Welcome to Pro Aircraft Online!
Pro Aircraft has been dedicated to training pilots from all over the world for more than 15 years. As a part 141 and VA approved school we offer customized professional flight training programs.

Thank you for your interest in Pro Aircraft Flight Training. At Pro Aircraft Flight Training we believe in one of professional aviation's golden rules, "The 5 P's": Proper Planning
Prevents Poor Performance. Therefore, we have made sure that after reading through
the information on these pages you will have sufficient information regarding the flight
training industry to make a choice that will best suit you

Superior Flight Training
We offer everything from single flight hours to advanced fast track programs. At Pro Aircraft everything is customized to suit your goals and ambitions.

Pro Aircraft has its own top professional maintenance team, including 3 full time FAA certified aircraft mechanics making sure that all of the aircrafts in our fleet is kept in excellent shape, securing a safe and efficient training environment.

Find Us
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